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Jen Georgopoulos

“it’s amazing to see the feats of strength on display by Jen Georgopoulos” – The Toronto Star


“Jen Georgopoulos has been amazing audiences all over the world!”
– Global News

Aerial Acrobat

Aerial virtuoso Jen Georgopoulos has become an accomplished, globally recognized circus artist, specializing in the dramatic aerial disciplines including swinging trapeze, aerial silks, and flying hoop.

Stunt Performer

Off stage, Jen makes her mark in film and television as a stunt performer where her mastery of body awareness, combined with her ability to work under pressure, allow her to deliver the directors vision.

Instruction & Choreography

Drawing on her extensive background in Kinesiology, gymnastics and personal training, Jen offers personalized aerial classes, circus fitness training and one-on-one performance coaching.

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